Financial, fiscal and legal services

Once you have found the property that is right for you, we can provide you with impartial advice on financing available from some of Europe's leading financial institutions at some of the most competitive lending rates available.

We can also introduce you to independent bank mortgage advisers, who speak English and who are experienced in dealing with clients from other European countries. We can assist you with your mortgage application, and in many cases, as a non-resident we can help you achieve up to 80% finance towards the purchase of your property.

As a property owner in Spain, we can also advise on, help you prepare and submit on your behalf, annual tax returns. You will also need a Spanish Identity number (Numero Identificacion Extranjeros). This is used to identify you through your time in Spain with regards to any subsequent purchases and tax returns.

Our management team is complimented by a team of multi-lingual lawyers based in Majorca, the UK and Germany. Each specialise in different aspects of Spanish Law and are on hand to provide confidential advice on any legal or financial matter.