Selling property in Majorca

Whether you are an experienced property investor or just want to realise capital from your holiday home /property assets, CJ Bestard, offers personalised advice specific to maximising your opportunities so that you are able to realise the potential value of your property.

Our experienced negotiators will be happy to appraise your property and advise you in how best to prepare your property for sale. We would ensure all of the financial aspects of the property are in order as well as the most effective ways of presenting your property to potential buyers.

As a seller you will want to know that we are maximising your chances to sell your property. To that end you will see us investing regularly in international and local press. Publications that we have recently advertised in include…

  • The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times & other regional UK newspapers
  • International Homes & Homes Overseas (UK)
  • Magazines including Spain Living, Island Life & abc-Majorca
  • In-flight magazines such Recline for BMI baby & the Easyjet magazine
  • The Daily Bulletin - the most widely know English newspaper on the Balearic Islands
  • Specialised local property press such as Propietario, Trueque and Tu casa.

While we are proud to be members of many professional organisations that require certain codes of professional conduct and business ethics we place an even higher standard upon ourselves to ensure the unequivocal trust of those we represent, our buyers and sellers… you.

The recent property boom has given rise to a rapid growth in the number of estate agents mediating sales in Majorca. The prospective seller now has a vast choice of estate agents in Majorca willing to offer their services. The majority of these have been operating less than a handful of years, unlike Inmobiliaria CJ Bestard, who has been operating since 1990.

Our clients not only reap the benefit of our years of local knowledge and experience, but have the added peace of mind of knowing that we currently represent over 1,400 property owners on the island as an integral part of our daily business.

These facts are in themselves testament to our experience, business ethics and commitment to the long term benefit of our community.